The West Sussex Growers’ Association is a specialist horticultural branch of the National Farmers’ Union. The membership is made up of those around the West Sussex area who have a strong interest in horticulture. The West Sussex Growers Association exerts a much greater influence on N.F.U. horticultural policy than would be possible in an agriculturally orientated local branch.

West Sussex Growers’ are a significant part of the local economy with a retail value of in excess of 1 billion pounds per year and employing over 9000 full-time equivalent staff.

WSGA Conference 26th October 2018

Innovation, Automation and Robotics

Venue: University of Chichester

Bognor Regis Campus – New Technical Park

Find out more about the activities of members of the West Sussex Growers’ Association.

There are several pathways to starting a career in horticulture. Here are a few ideas that can get you going.

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