The Sustainable Use Directive at a glance.

Three dates that matter for any one that uses professional pesticides:

During 2014

Demonstrate intergrated Pest Management (IPM) is followed on the farm or Nursery

26th Nov 2015

The sprayer operative on the farm or nursery must hold a recognised certificate.

26th Nov 2016

Working application equipment must have an NSTS Certificate

Why does this mater ?

These measures will be legal requirement for the UK and farmers and growers. Non–compliance could lead to prosecution and threaten your Single Farm Payment.

Why do you have to do this ?

All countries in the European Union are implementing the Sustainable Use Directive. The Directive applies in every EU country and set minimum standards for the safe use of professional plant protection products (pesticides)

Due to existing legislation and the VI, many UK farmers and growers already meet most of the requirement of the Directive.

However, some farmers and growers and sprayer operators currently operate under grandfather rights and will need to get a Recognised Certificate if they wish to continue using professional pesticides.

In addition, most spray application equipment will need to be tested and farmers and growers need to demonstrate they are following the integrated approach to crop protection.