Your Energy Sussex is a West Sussex-led local authority partnership working with businesses, communities and residents, to promote energy saving and renewable energy.

Driven by a commitment to combat the rising cost of energy, reduce carbon emissions and help the economy to grow, the partnership and Carillion have embarked on an ambitious 20-year programme to:

• Create warmer, healthier homes and reduce carbon emissions;
• Boost the local economy by creating work for local businesses;
• Create opportunities for the local workforce, including work placements, apprenticeships and skills development; and
• Help vulnerable residents and those at risk of failing to pay their fuel bills
• Create a sustainable energy supply for Sussex

The story so far

Progress has been swift in the past year and a number of projects are underway:

• A multi-million pound energy saving work ‘pipeline’ is in place that local companies are in line to deliver – boosting local investment and jobs.
• Planning permission has been granted for the partnership’s first solar farm which will generate low-carbon electricity and £10 million over 20 years from summer 2015.
• A number of solar PV installations on commercial premises and social housing will be delivered this year.
• A major energy saving refit of 180 WSCC buildings, including offices, libraries and children and family centres, and 32 schools is underway.

The next step for the partnership will be the launch of an energy saving service to Sussex residents in 2015, helping them to install high-quality energy saving measures and renewable technologies in their homes.

Work with us
We want to work with companies, organisations and communities across Sussex to develop projects that will deliver lasting change and economic growth. With a £66 million investment fund from the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) available to fund energy saving work, there is scope to finance projects both large and small.

What sort of projects will Your Energy Sussex fund?

From renewable energy solutions to energy-saving building retrofits, Your Energy Sussex will consider supporting a broad range of projects. They must be located in West Sussex, East Sussex or Brighton & Hove and be backed up by a robust business case because the cost of the project will need to be paid back from the energy savings made or the renewable energy generated. The commercial terms on offer will depend on the project and the security that the partner can provide.
What conditions would apply?

This would depend on the project but, in general terms, the partnership will need to carry out a robust review of the likely return on investment. If funding is approved, Your Energy Sussex would manage the design, installation and completion of the project using the partnership’s accredited, Sussex-based supply chain. We have different financial models available from straight loans to ‘rent a roof’ type arrangements.

What are the benefits of working with Your Energy Sussex?

Your Energy Sussex combines the reassurance of working with a dependable local authority partner with industry-leading experts from Carillion, ensuring the projects are delivered to a high quality standard and for a competitive price. The partnership’s commitment to working with local, accredited suppliers means that, by working with us, you would be supporting the development of the local low-carbon economy as well as jobs, apprenticeships and placements for the local workforce.

If your organisation has a commitment to saving energy or generating renewable energy and you have an energy saving or renewable energy project in mind, contact Your Energy Sussex at You can also follow us on Twitter